Krystal Transport

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Cairns Airport Transfers. Bus between Cairns & Port Douglas, Cairns & Palm Cove

Morning, Afternoon & Evening Departure

Cairns City to Port Douglas

Contact us for time for your particular date(s) of travel. Between Cairns Airport and Port Douglas is approximately one hour. (1.5 hours between Cairns City)

Cairns City  / Airport to Palm Cove

Cheapest rate private transfers only. Immediate pickup at airport. Travel time 25 – 30 minutes.

Airport to Port Douglas

We have no fixed departure timetable as we meet all flights day and night which have been pre-booked as long as the booking has been made for more than 24 hours in advance.

We depart the airport immediately after your flight clears unless we are meeting another flight arriving within 20 minutes of your arrival. Maximum wait is therefore approx 30 minutes*
(* refer policy page “Delay Section – Clause 3”)

Port Douglas to Airport / Cairns City

Departure times from Port Douglas are designed to arrive at the airport 1 – 2 hours before your Domestic flight OR 2-3 hours for your International flights.

If going to Cairns City as a destination, you can use any prior bus available. Exact time confirmed 24 hours prior departure.

Late Booking

We will make every effort to accept later bookings if possible.


After-Hours Service (AHS)

We also run after hours bus transfers between 2200 – 0400. These services must be booked 24 hours in advance.

Please contact us for pricing and availability